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My research interests include elliptic curves and computational algebraic number theory.


University California, Irvine

University of Washington



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I am a member of the University of Washington chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics. I believe that promoting equality in STEM fields is extremely important.


The Washington Experimental Math Lab is an oppurtunity for teams of undergraduates to work on a project in math research with graduate student and faculty mentors. I have mentored the following projects.

Math Day

Math Day is an event for over a thousand high school students to come to UW and see some lectures about math/science. I have volunteered at Math Day the past four years. The past three years I have led the Sage workshop, which gives students a chance to explore programming and math. I have written my own cryptography focused worksheet so that they can also be exposed to some math behind modern cryptography.

Julia Robinson Math Festival

The Julia Robinson Math Festival is an event for elementary through high school students to visit UW and explore math. I have volunteered at the festival the past three years.


Visiting Assistant Professor University of California, Irvine (2018 - present)

As a VAP I write and give lectures, write exams, hold office hours, and evaluate student performance.

Teaching Assistant/Instructor University of Washington (2013 - 2018)

As a teaching assitant I grade exams, lead quiz sections, and hold office hours. I also teach my own classes where I am responsible for writing exams and assigning final grades.

Web Developer, University of Washington (2015-2017)

Lead developer, project manager, product designer, graphic designer, UI/UX developer, quality assurance, and support for an online math homework system called Hamstr.

Contract Web Designer (2013-2016)

I helped build and redesign websites for professors in math education at Virginia Tech, University California at San Diego, and Portland State University. This included rewriting HTML and CSS as well as implementing discussion boards and user accounts in PHP.

Math Librarian, University of Oregon (2012-2013)

I worked in the Math Library at the University of Oregon during as an undergraduate. I learned about library systems as well as helped tutor students in math.


Elliptic Curve

Riemann Sums